Which course should I take for the October LSAT?

    LSAT Prep

    October LSATSummer is a popular time to study for the LSAT. Whether you decide on a Full-Length classroom experience or opt for one of our Live Online courses, there are probably several classes that fit your schedule. Choosing which one to take requires some planning, but it shouldn’t drive you insane. Here are a few helpful suggestions:

    • Have you made any travel plans yet? If not, make them before you decide on which class to take. Anyone can miss a lesson or two—that’s why we have virtual recaps of every lesson on the Online Student Center—but you want to minimize that eventuality as much as you can.
    • Are you returning to school in the Fall? If so, make sure your Full-Length class ends before you need to leave for school. Alternatively, check if we offer classes close to your campus. If we do, you might be able to transfer, but call our Home Office to discuss: 1-800-545-1750.
    • Will you be travelling for work? If your job requires a significant amount of travelling (e.g. you work in consulting), consider a Live Online course. We have sixteen such courses this summer. All of them are available worldwide, and at least a few are bound to fit your busy schedule. What’s more, every live online lesson is archived and can be accessed at any time for your review.
    • Is your daytime schedule flexible? If you won’t be working full-time during the summer, or work evenings only, consider a Day class, such as this one: NY Summer VI Day. Day classes tend to be smaller in size, and many students find that to be a plus. Also, learning the intricacies of conditional reasoning is easier at 10 AM than at 10 PM.
    • Is your day job extremely demanding? If you work in an industry where 80-hour workweeks are the norm (and you think law will be better?)—consider a class that begins early in the summer, and meets only once/week, such as this one: NY Summer III. Note that a Full-Length course (in class or on-line) requires a significant commitment of time (no less than 15-20 hours/week, inclusive of homework and practice tests). So, whichever class you take, make sure you have enough time to do all that work each week.
    • Start early or wait until August? By all means, don’t wait unless you have to. Most students are better off taking a class that begins early—and ends early—than a class that commences later in the summer . It is exceptionally difficult to predict how long it will take for you to reach your potential, so err on the side of caution and give yourself as much time as possible. What’s more, you can use the extra time after your course ends to take additional practice tests. And yes, you can access the Online Student Center until December.

    Finally, if you still cannot decide which class is best for you, call us! We are here to help.