PowerScore Announces the Revised LSAT Logic Games Bible for 2013

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PowerScore LSAT Logic Games BibleI'm pleased to announce the release of the newly revised PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible. This is the 17th revision to the book, which remains the best-selling LSAT Logic Games publication in the world. I've added 228 pages to the 2013 version, including the following:

  • Expanded discussions of many critical Logic Games concepts
  • New concept discussion sections, and expanded discussions of question types and solution strategies
  • Multiple new drills
  • New LSAT Logic Games
  • A glossary/index, providing a definition for each term and its location within the book
  • A ReChallenge section dividing all of the games in the book into Challenge sections
  • A new, expanded book website, featuring dozens of pages of free supplementary drills and online presentations of challenging concepts and strategies

At a total of over 600 pages, this is the most comprehensive LSAT Logic Games book on the market. The LSAT Logic Games Bible effectively covers how to recognize each game type, diagram every type of rule, make inferences, manage time, and solve each type of question.

Why update the book now? I typically update the book several times a year anyway, and this time I wanted to expand on a few ideas that have started to appear more frequently on the LSAT in recent years, and switch out a few games. Plus, I wanted to add to the many drills already in the book, and offer students new ways to interact with the concepts and ask questions about the methods. I already answer a lot of questions about the book via email and on our LSAT Forum, but many of the readers of the book aren't aware they can ask me directly for answers. Having a more comprehensive book site will give readers more value, as well as support if they run into any problems understanding an idea.

I didn't set out to add 228 pages to the existing material, but as I worked through the discussions, that's what I felt was required to give you the bleeding edge of LSAT preparation. I hope you like it!

ISBN: 978-0-9887586-6-7
Page count: 630
Printed: May 2013

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