LSAT PrepTest 69, 70, and 71 Prices Increase

    LSAT Prep

    LSAC, the administrators of the LSAT, has increased prices for the most recent individual LSAT PrepTests. As priced on the LSAC website, the official PrepTests (actual LSATs from past administrations) cost $8.00 each for any test from December 2012 (PrepTest 68) back to June 2004 (PrepTest 43). These LSATs are available for instant download from PowerScore for $7.95  in our online eStore.

    The 2013 PrepTests, however, have a higher price tag if you purchase them form LSAC; if you are purchasing any of the tests from 2013 (PrepTests 69-71), the cost is now $10.00 each. However, for a limited time, PowerScore is offering these LSAT PrepTests for the old price of $7.95, again available for instant download in our online eStore.

    Is this the last LSAT-related price increase of the year from LSAC? Probably, but you never know with them.