Fewer Law School Applications? Good News!

    Law School Admissions

    Duke: part four

    There have been quite a few stories cropping up lately about dwindling numbers of LSAT takers and law school applicants. With the Law School Admission Council reporting double-digit percentage drops in each of the last few years, some people have clearly been dissuaded from attempting to enter law school. What does this mean for today’s applicants?

    1)      Fewer applications = less competition, meaning better chances of getting into a good school. Graduates from good law schools are still getting good jobs (the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the legal field to grow about 10% by between 2010 and 2020).

    2)      A smaller number of applications’ being submitted doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s time to slack off; the decrease in test takers was probably skewed toward the “dabblers.” Those who are more committed to the study of law are the applicants you will be competing against now, so you still need to make sure that you maximize the quality of your application.


    Why do you think the number of applicants has dropped? We’d love to hear your comments!

    Photo: "Duke: Part Four" Courtesy of Matt Phillips