LSAT instead of the GRE when applying to grad schools?

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    Some students wonder whether they can use an LSAT score instead of a GRE score when applying to graduate school. The answer is: Yes, there are certain grad school degree programs that allow you to skip taking the GRE and to use an LSAT score.

    While using a GRE score for application to MBA programs (in place of a GMAT score) has become standard practice, the use of LSAT scores beyond law school admissions has not been commonplace. However, there are a number of  instances when you can use an LSAT score to apply to grad school. Here's when:

    •  When applying to certain Masters of Public Policy (MPP) or Masters of Public Administration (MPA) programs

    Certain programs, such as the MPP at Georgetown's Public Policy Institute and the MPA at UPenn, allow submission of an LSAT score in lieu of a GRE score.


    • When applying to a dual-degree program involving law school

    Applicants to certain dual degree programs (such as the JD/MBA at NYU, the JD/MPP at Virginia, or the JD/MPA at USC) can submit just an LSAT score and thereby bypass taking the GRE (or GMAT).


    The one caveat with grad school admissions is that because the LSAT does not measure quantitative ability (meaning: math!), if your prior college coursework or job history shows only minimal quantitative experience, the school may ask for some supplementary proof of skill during the admissions process. But, if you have a reasonable quantitative background, applying to a program that allows the LSAT to be substituted for the GRE can save you the time and money of preparing for the GRE. So, if you already have an LSAT score (or if you prefer the LSAT over the GRE), make sure you look at your grad school application requirements because you may be able to skip the GRE and apply directly.

    Know of other degree programs that accept just the LSAT? Please let us know in the comments!

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