LSAC Updates the LSAT to Allow Two Pages for Each Logic Game

    The Logic Games section on the June 2012 LSAT came with an unexpected twist: each Game was spread over two pages, instead of the single-page format to which test takers had grown accustomed. While this certainly caught people off guard, and no doubt caused some initial panic as a result, I believe it’s actually a significant benefit to future test takers for a number of reasons:

    1. Space is no longer a limiting factor. This one is pretty obvious. An extra page means more room for diagramming rules, making inferences, notating answers for individual questions, and even drawing out hypotheticals as needed. Of course, you still have to understand how to set up and solve Logic Games if you want to be successful, but at least now you have the space to put your strategies into practice. Gone are the days of erasing work or sketching microscopic diagrams in the name of conserving space, and that’s something for which we can all be grateful. 
    2. LSAC isn’t deaf to your concerns. It has been suggested, and I tend to agree, that perhaps this indicates that the test makers are not unwilling to make concessions to their audience: people have complained (justifiably) for years that there is simply not enough room for diagramming in the Games section, and this adjustment speaks directly to that criticism. Does this mean LSAC is getting soft or is particularly sensitive to your unique opinions? Doubtful. But I think it does show a willingness, however limited, to consider the LSAT community as a whole and alter the exam as needed to provide a more reasonable test of the skills they profess to measure. 
    3. The test itself isn’t completely static. I realize this may seem a bit counterintuitive—who wants their future to be controlled by an unpredictable exam?—but I don’t see it as all bad. Because it should serve to keep you from getting too complacent, or too comfortable. It should teach you to be prepared for anything on test day, and steel your nerves against encountering something you might not have fully anticipated. The concepts and question types and overall structure of the test are set in stone, but small variations on the norm can occur, and have occurred with increased frequency in recent years, and I think this is a good reminder of that important fact. 

    So as you continue to prepare for your coming LSAT take an additional page for each game and enjoy the freedom the extra space provides. It’s not often the test is altered in your favor, so best to take full advantage on the rare occasion when it is. 

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