A Day in the Life of a PowerScore LSAT Student

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to study for the LSAT? Check out our latest series, A Day in the Life of a PowerScore LSAT Student, which chronicles the journey of an actual PowerScore student studying for the LSAT. Candace, a student in one of our Full-Length LSAT Courses, will share with you her experiences as she attends class and prepares for her future life as a law school student. Be sure to check it out!

    Day in the Life

    The final PowerScore lesson, Lesson 12, began on Wednesday night at 6:00PM. Following this lesson is a final proctored exam on Saturday morning, a review of the exam the following night, and a Challenge Review next Wednesday which will go over two challenging sections on the December 2006 LSAT – Logical Reasoning Section #1 and the section on Logic Games.

    Lesson 12 reviewed Logical Reasoning questions, sufficient and necessary conditions, and causal reasoning. Following each review we did a few practice LSAT problems as a class. By now, I feel pretty confident when answering the practice LSAT problems in class because of the extensive amount of practice that I have had doing the Homework Sections of each Lesson.

    Next, we went over Reading Comprehension passages, specifically Law Related passages. We learned about the types of legal passages that we will encounter on the LSAT – passages addressing: flaws in the legal system, strengths of the legal system, regulation of industries, and legal relief for underrepresented groups. Then, we worked through 5 different legal passages as a class.

    Finally, the lesson wrapped up with a lesson on what to expect on test day – what to do the morning of the test, what to do when you arrive at the test center, what to bring with you on test day, etc.

    I really appreciate PowerScore’s full spectrum coverage of preparation – we not only learned the skills necessary to successfully complete the LSAT, we also learned what to do before, the day of, and after the LSAT.

    With all of this preparation under my belt, I am ready to take on the Challenge Review, and then in a few weeks, the LSAT itself!