The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Ultimate Setups Guide vs the LSAT Logic Game Setups Encyclopedias

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    PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Setups EncyclopediaStudents searching for help with LSAT Logic Games often encounter our LSAT Logic Games Ultimate Setups Guide, and also our LSAT Logic Games Setups Encyclopedias. To avoid any confusion, let me take a moment to explain each publication. In a nutshell, here’s what you need to know:

    1. The LSAT Logic Games Ultimate Setups Guide (USG) is no longer in print, and we no longer publish this book. It has been replaced by the LSAT Logic Games Setups Encyclopedias.
    2. The LSAT Logic Games Setups Encyclopedias are considerably longer and more comprehensive than the USG, and the Encyclopedias show the setup for each game and they explain every single question from each game (which the USG did not).

    Why did we make the change? Well, when the USG was first published, it covered a span of games from 1995 to 2003. For each game, the basic setup was covered, along with key inferences, notes, etc, and certain challenging questions were also explained. Later, however, we wanted to release more comprehensive explanations for every game, and we knew that we couldn’t release them in a single book (such a book would be well over 1000 pages!). So, to avoid confusion with the original USG, we renamed the entire project The LSAT Logic Games Setups Encyclopedia, divided into three volumes:

    • Volume 1: Complete explanations for PrepTests 1-20
    • Volume 2: Complete explanations for PrepTests 21-40
    • Volume 3: Complete explanations for PrepTests 41-60

    All three volumes are currently available. So, if you run into an old copy of the USG, you should know that a new and improved version of that book is now available—the Encyclopedias are far more comprehensive, and they cover every game in detail.

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