A Day in the Life of a PowerScore LSAT Student

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to study for the LSAT? Check out our latest series, A Day in the Life of a PowerScore LSAT Student, which chronicles the journey of an actual PowerScore student studying for the LSAT. Candace, a student in one of our Full-Length LSAT Courses, will share with you her experiences as she attends class and prepares for her future life as a law school student. Be sure to check it out!

    Day in the Life

    Proctored LSAT Exam number 2 began on Saturday morning at 10AM as we opened our test booklets to Section 1 and put our minds to work. We took the October 2011 LSAT and we began with a section on Logical Reasoning.

    As I read through each stimulus, question stem and answer choices, I recognized the pattern of questions that we learned about in class – “weaken” questions, “strengthen” questions, “conditional” questions – and I was able to select the right answers based on what I learned in the PowerScore lessons. I knew that if a question began with “Which one of the following, if true, weakens the argument?”, I would then need to look for the answer that weakens the stimulus. The correct answer will most likely show that the stimulus contains some kind of cause-and-effect reasoning error (alternate cause, cause but no effect, etc.). So, I then read through each answer choice to find the one answer choice that fits this category and I selected it. This process is much simpler now that I know what to expect from the answer choices and can prephrase in such a way as to knock off 4 of the answer choices as incorrect.

    I breezed through the section on logical reasoning and then hit Section 2 – Logic Games. This is the section that I did not do so well on the first time around – I got 15 correct and 8 incorrect – and I also remember feeling very nervous when I first approached this section. Not this time! I breezed through the section on logic games by following my diagrams and lists of rules to figure out the correct answers. Not only did I breeze through the section, I felt really good about it! I completed the section on logic games with confidence and was happy with my performance, a huge change from proctored exam 1.

    Section 3 – which I found out later was the experimental section – was another section on logical reasoning which I completed just as I did the first section. Section 4 was another section on logical reasoning and Section 5 was a section on Reading Comprehension. By the time I got to this section I was getting a little tired and worn out so I know that I need to continue to do my homework and practice drills to build up my stamina so that I can fully complete the LSAT with focus and energy. I read through each reading stimulus and notated as I went, this way I did not have to keep rereading the stimulus following each question which not only wastes time but racks my nerves as well, which makes my performance suffer.

    Some of the reading sections handled very difficult and complex topics, ranging from evolutionary psychology to the use of “proverbs” in different cultures. But, following the PowerScore lesson on Reading Comprehension I know that I do not need to understand every single “big word” and definition in the passage, but instead I must read the passage as a whole and get a sense of its structure, tone, viewpoints, etc. – all of this will lead me to a good enough understanding of the passage that I can answer the questions successfully. Sure enough, even though the passages were complex, following PowerScore’s notation method I was able to answer all of the questions without panicking, without rereading the stimulus 10 times, and without giving up! And just like that, the LSAT was over!

    We returned to the test the following night to review and go over what we did very well on and what we still need to work on. I improved from my first LSAT! On the first proctored exam I scored a 160, but this time I scored a 167! Not bad! I want to continue to increase my score, and since we are only halfway through the course, I still have time to work on the areas where I need a bit more work.

    One HUGE improvement was the section on logic games. The first time around I answered only 65% of the questions correctly, but this time around I answered 91% of the questions correctly!

    I can’t wait to continue in my PowerScore lessons so I can continue to see improvement in other areas of the test as well!