A Day in the Life of a PowerScore LSAT Student

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to study for the LSAT? Check out our latest series, A Day in the Life of a PowerScore LSAT Student, which chronicles the journey of an actual PowerScore student studying for the LSAT. Candace, a student in one of our Full-Length LSAT Courses, will share with you her experiences as she attends class and prepares for her future life as a law school student. Be sure to check it out!

    Day in the Life

    Lesson 6 of the PowerScore Full-Length Course began with a new lesson on logic games.

    Since we already have learned so much about logic games and the different types of logic games that there are on the LSAT, we do not take on a lot of new information in this lesson (not too overwhelming!), but instead look at a version of a logic game that is very similar to the types of games that we learned about in Lesson 5 – grouping games. This time, we add on a new complex feature – partially defined and undefined grouping games.

    After reading through a quick 1-page summary which talks about this new type of grouping game, we jumped into some challenging practice problems as a class. As always, the problems are taken from previously administered LSATs. We worked through 4 full games, then moved on to a different kind of lesson, a lesson on Reading Comprehension.

    I am a pretty strong reader so Reading Comprehension is not an area of the LSAT that I expect to improve on much, but in fact after Lesson 6 I am reading much more efficiently than I had before. We went over how to notate reading comprehension passages as we read – underlining, circling, boxing, bracketing, etc. I always underlined while I read, but now I can make a small notation “MP” and bracket off a section of the text which will easily highlight where the “main point” of the passage lies. This way, I will not have to waste time rereading the text for the “main point” if I come to a question that asks about the main point. Notating the text on the first read through not only wastes less time, it also calms my nerves.Having to reread the text multiple times and endlessly search the text for an answer makes me panicky and anxious. Now I read with confidence and do not hear a clock ticking in the back of my mind rushing me on!

    Lesson 6 marks the halfway point in the PowerScore Full-Length course, 6 lessons down, 6 to go! Now it is time to check out progress!

    On to proctored exam number 2 on Saturday morning at 10AM!