A Day in the Life of a PowerScore LSAT Student

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to study for the LSAT? Check out our latest series, A Day in the Life of a PowerScore LSAT Student, which chronicles the journey of an actual PowerScore student studying for the LSAT. Candace, a student in one of our Full-Length LSAT Courses, will share with you her experiences as she attends class and prepares for her future life as a law school student. Be sure to check it out!

    Day in the Life

    Lesson 5 of the PowerScore Full-Length Course opened with a section on Logical Reasoning. First, we went over “assumption questions”, a new type of question that we will see on the LSAT.

    Then, we drilled this new knowledge with 12 practice LSAT problems. Following the section on Logical Reasoning, we returned to Logic Games. This time, we took on “grouping games”, games in which variables are grouped together in the game’s rules. We learned how to diagram these “grouping” rules in order to make them easily understandable when read by the eye.

    The grouping games morphed from games of confusion and complication to games that are just as simple and straight-forward as the other kinds of Logic Games that we have covered in the past. We returned to doing practice LSAT problems in order to drill the knowledge on this new kind of logic game, this time we worked through 5 games as a class. 10:00PM rolled around and we concluded.

    After working through the 5 logic games as a class I now feel prepared to take on the many logic games in the Lesson 5 homework! Fortunately, in the event that I do stumble, each logic game in the homework is followed by a detailed explanation of each game, each question stem, and each answer choice!