Get on-demand help with your law school application!

    Applying to law school and don't know quite where to start? Our new Law School Admissions Course is designed to demystify the process, and give you the tools you need to craft a stellar law school application.

    Taught by PowerScore's Director of Admissions Counseling, Anne Chaconas, our Law School Admissions Course guides you in a comprehensive, step-by-step way through the multiple facets of the application process. This course provides detailed discussions on all aspects of the admissions cycle, from what law schools are looking for and how to craft an exceptional personal statement, to choosing your recommenders and addressing flaws and negatives in your candidacy. It even addresses special circumstances such as applying as an underrepresented minority, having multiple LSAT scores, cancellations, or absences, and discussing criminal records with your application!

    Access to the course is easy, quick, and secure. Using PowerScore's online platform, you can access your course at any time from any computer with an internet connection. The course's fourteen lessons guide you through each one of the main components of your application, teaching you how to approach each element and complete it in a thorough, expert manner. Class materials are all available electronically through the Online Student Center included with your course, so there aren't any cumbersome books to carry or papers to file--you can access them whenever you want to access your course. These materials work in conjuction with the lessons to give you even more guidance during the process, providing you with the tools you need to understand the application requirements, track documents, and complete your applications quickly and efficiently.

    The Law School Admissions Course is an exceptional tool for those looking to understand the admissions game inside and out, and seeking to put together winning applications to gain acceptance at their top choice school!

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