LSAT Tip of the Week

    lightbulbShould you study for the LSAT on your own or take a course?

    It depends on your study habits and how you learn best. Students who are able to motivate themselves to study and are good at keeping up with a self-made schedule will do well with studying on their own (using our LSAT Bibles). However, if you need the structure of a classroom, a schedule that you must adhere to, and homework that you must complete, then a class is probably the best way to go. Classroom courses also have the advantage of typically providing you with more material than books would, and also have an instructor you can rely on for additional help and explanations.

    Either method can be very effective if tackled in the right way. We've seen students be incredibly successful in their LSAT preparation using only our books, and using only a course. 

    To determine what will work best for you, think back to how you studied best and performed at your peak in college: Did you prefer independent study courses? Did you do well only when you had a class to attend? This kind of analysis will help you determine what your preparation strategy should be.

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