A Day in the Life of a PowerScore LSAT Student

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to study for the LSAT? Check out our latest series, A Day in the Life of a PowerScore LSAT Student, which chronicles the journey of an actual PowerScore student studying for the LSAT. Candace, a student in one of our Full-Length LSAT Courses, will share with you her experiences as she attends class and prepares for her future life as a law school student. Be sure to check it out!

    Day in the Life

    Anxious. Excited. Nervous. Intimidated. All of these feelings and more rush over me as I contemplate the days, weeks, and months ahead of me. Senior year is finally here, my college experiences are coming to a close and the next chapter of my life is unfolding before my very eyes. But, before I can congratulate myself on excelling in college, I first must prepare for the looming challenge that lies ahead…the LSAT.

    The LSAT is a test completely foreign to me. The standardized testing that I am used to – the SAT, PSAT, MCAS – is very unlike the LSAT. There are no long words to memorize from the dictionary or mathematical equations to study, but instead the LSAT is a test of logic, creative thinking, and analytical skills. The LSAT is a test unlike any I have ever taken, so to succeed on the LSAT I must prepare myself for this new style of examination. I will take Powerscore’s Full-Length LSAT preparation course which includes over 125 course hours including 64 live lecture hours, more than 45 hours of online teaching sessions, and 16 hours of proctored practice test time.

    This Saturday, Powerscore’s course will begin and I will take the first out of four proctored LSAT tests. As that 10:00AM start time approaches to take the first proctored exam, I am both eager yet at the same time very anxious. As I said, the LSAT is very new to me and I am not used to taking exams under such feelings of worry and unpreparedness. Yet, those feelings are the very reason that I am enrolling in Powerscore’s LSAT preparation course in the first place: to prepare myself for test-success. These feelings of anxiety and nervousness that I have now will wash away with each Powerscore lesson so that when I walk into the classroom on Saturday, October 6th to take the LSAT with my ID, admission ticket, and pencils in hand, I will exude confidence and satisfaction.

    As Alexander Graham Bell once said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”. Test-taking under feelings of anxiety and unpreparedness leads to under-performance and low test scores. Powerscore’s LSAT course will erase those feelings of anxiety so that I will walk in on that Saturday in October with one question at the forefront of my mind…not “Am I ready for this LSAT?”, but rather, “Is the LSAT ready for me?”