Useful resources for law school applicants

    If you're applying this fall, you should already be thinking about your law school applications. And, if you're already thinking about your law school applications, you may already be researching schools, and quickly becoming overwhelmed with the many, many different websites and publications out there that give out (sometimes not-so-reliable) information.

    For that reason, I thought it wise to give you my list of law school applicant "must-have" resources. These are the sites that I regularly visit as I help students with their applications and they are also the sites I recommend that students become familiar with as they consider their law school path. It is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it is a great starting point for those of you considering applying to law school.

    LSAC's Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools

    This is a fantastic starting point for anyone interested in applying to law school. It gives you all the numerical information you could want about all ABA-approved law schools, and then some. Start here when you've got a broad list of schools you're considering, and get information on GPA and LSAT percentiles, law school deadlines, application fees, class sizes, locations...the list goes on. In addition to the data in the tables, each school also has a PDF with additional information. A great, very useful (and FREE!) resource put out by the Law School Admissions Council.

    U.S. News & World Report Law School Rankings

    Yes, everyone loves to hate them, but rankings should play some part in your law school search. This is a good place to start (although it should not, by any means, be your only determining factor, or be the only rankings-centric website you consult).

    The Leiter Law School Rankings

    Once you've taken a look at the USN rankings, go to the Leiter Rankings and get the real deal. This is a great and slightly more objective compilation of information, and provides a few really interesting lists (such as how many SCOTUS clerks have come out of which schools over the past 10 years). Prof. Leiter is the John P. Wilson Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Law, Philosophy, and Human Values at the University of Chicago Law School. His rankings focus more on "intangibles" such as faculty quality and job placement (which should arguably be more important to law applicants than where a school falls on the USN rankings).

    The PowerScore Guide to Law School Admissions

    Available on the PowerScore YouTube channel, this 9-part series I recorded with our founder and CEO (and author of our very popular LSAT Bible series) Dave Killoran is a great starter guide for students considering applying to law school. It covers everything, from personal statement and résumés, to diversity statements and addenda.

    The PowerScore Law School Research Center

    The Center contains a wealth of information on the top law schools in America, and is a perfect way to gain an overview of each school. It also includes PDF version of our Applying to Law School Primer, International Student Law School Application Guide, and Canadian Law School Guide.

    U.S. News Law School Admissions Q&As

    Students often ask me the same questions: How does XYZ Law School view multiple LSAT scores? What does XYZ Law School want me to write about on the personal statement? What sets XYZ Law School apart? This Q&A compilation answers a lot of these questions, via interviews conducted with the Deans of Admission for various ABA-approved schools (although, unfortunately, not for all ABA-approved schools). Still, it is a great place to get specific info on different law schools, straight from the horse's mouth.

    Internet Legal Research Group

    A lot of the same info that the LSAC Official Guide has, but sortable (and you have no idea how useful this sorting is until you've actually tried it. I am officially addicted to it). It also has a ton more information that can help you with your search (e.g., additional rankings, cost-benefit analyses, employment data, etc).

    The American Bar Association (ABA)

    You'll eventually be a part of it, so why not start looking at it now? Of particular interest to prospective law school applicants will be the Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar, which will outline the requirements you must have to be admitted to practice law in each state, and Loan Repayment Assistance Program page, which outlines the programs each school and the ABA has to help those students practicing public interest or pro bono law pay back their law school loans.

    Law School Interactive

    A great source for podcasts from everything dealing with selecting a law school all the way to choosing a legal specialization. A very solid resource that I recommend students subscribe to in order to get timely information right from experts in each field.

    PowerScore's Law School Admissions Free Help Area

    Answers a lot of commonly-asked questions about applying to law school, and the law school application process.

    PowerScore's list of ABA-accredited U.S. and Canadian law schools

    Useful because it's essentially a list of all law school websites, and prevents you from having to Google them each individually.

    The National Association of Law Placement's Official Guide to Legal Specialties

    Although (unfortunately) not free, this is a great book for students that are particularly interested in certain fields within the law, and want additional information (including perspectives from attorneys in the field) about them.

    The NAPLA Pre-Law Resource List

    The Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors has a great list of resources available on their site. Some of it may already be listed above, but others (such as the part-time program locator and financial aid resources) are not listed above, and can be incredibly useful.

    There are many more resources out there, but these are a few of my favorites. If you've got some of your own, share them in the comments!

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