LSAT Tip Of The Week

    lightbulbWhat’s the deal with the experimental section on the LSAT? 

    All official LSATs administered by LSAC have an experimental experimental—that is, an unscored section used to pretest questions and equate test forms. This means that, out of the five sections on any official LSAT you take, one of them will be experimental, and your answers will not count towards your raw score.

    The placement of the experimental section used to be very predictable–it used to be located in the first three sections of the test. However, starting in October 2011, LSAC removed the limitation that the experimental section must be among the first three sections, and allowed the experimental to appear among the final two sections. For example, some October 2011 test takers had scored sections 1, 2, 3, and 5, and had their experimental as section 4.

    What this means is that there is no longer a reliable way for individual test takers to predict or determine their experimental section number. It is possible to narrow it down to two (if Games or Reading Comprehension is experimental) or three sections (if Logical Reasoning is experimental), but with the test makers potentially placing the experimental section as any of the five it is essentially impossible to determine the specific section that is unscored.

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