Starting your LSAT studies? Here's a free practice test!

    When you embark on your LSAT prep journey, your first step should be to take a practice test.
    This does a number of things:

    1. It lets you get familiar with the layout and format of the test (assuming you've never looked or taken an LSAT before).
    2. It gives you an idea of what kinds of questions are on the test (students are often surprised at the content!).
    3. It provides you with a baseline score to start with (although you shouldn't read too much into that score--it's mostly just to get a general idea of your current LSAT prowess. It can--and will--go up with prep).

    Finding a practice test to take, though, can be a little daunting, and figuring out how to time and score it can be a hassle. Not to worry--we've got the materials you need, courtesy of our LSAT Free Help Area.

      • Click here to get a free (real) practice LSAT you can take. It's the June 2007 LSAT.
      • Click here to get access to our free LSAT Virtual Proctor, which will time you as you take the test.
      • Click here to download our LSAT Score Analyzer spreadsheet, which will make finding and understanding your score a breeze.

    And, after you're done, if you have any questions about the test or the problems in it, go to our LSAT Forum and get answers from our instructors, course developers, and PowerScore LSAT Bible authors.

    Get to studying!