LSAC raises LSAT, CAS, and report fees

    Attention LSAT test-takers and law school applicants:
    You will need to set some more cash aside in order to complete your applications.

    The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC), has raises the fees associated with taking the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), registering for the Credential Assembly Service (CAS), and obtaining Law School Reports.

    The LSAT fee is now $160 (up from $134).

    The Credential Assembly Service (CAS) fee is now $155 (up from $124).

    The Law School Report fee is now $21 per report (up from $16/report).

    In the December 2011 LSAC Report (Newsletter of the Law School Admission Council), LSAC President Daniel O. Bernstine lists the declining number of law school applicants and LSAT test-takers (coming after years of record-breaking highs in both areas--the reason which LSAC cites as the reason for not having had substantial increases before) as the impetus behind the increase:
    Our most recent spike in application volumes, during the middle and end of the last decade, shielded the organization from the need to raise fees to reflect the enhanced services we are providing. It is now time for us to correct our fees in light of new volume realities, and to align them more closely with the true value  of those services to law schools and their applicants.

    Other service fees, such as test center change fee and test date change fee also saw increases, although none as significant as the LSAT/CAS fee increases; a few fees for Canadian students even saw a $1 decrease.

    You can see the full list of up-to-date LSAC fees (which, LSAC states, will remain unchanged until the February 2013 administration) here.