Are you ready for law school?

    1L AdvantageYou might still be busy with your LSAT prep, or maybe you’re working on your application, but once you’ve been accepted, what comes next during your summer before law school? It’s never too early to start thinking about (and preparing for) life as a 1L.

    Why? Because a strong academic performance during the first year can be critical. Those all-important 1L grades will determine your class rank, eligibility for law review, summer internship options, and ultimately your full-time job opportunities. You’ve invested significant time, energy, and resources to get to this point. Why leave the rest to chance? Let PowerScore help get you ready for law school and you’ll be one step ahead among an impressive set of peers.

    Developed in conjunction with a distinguished team of law deans and professors, the PowerScore 1L Advantage is an insider’s guide to the law school experience, law school curriculum, and law school exams. Not only will you be able to learn the fundamentals of the first-year courses, but you will also have the opportunity to develop various study techniques you’ll need to excel as a 1L and beyond. The PowerScore 1L Advantage Law School Course features:

      • Instant access to 12 video lectures covering the fundamentals of the standard 1L courses, plus extensive discussions of outlining, legal reasoning, and law school study skills, for a total of over 35 lecture hours!
      • Course lectures provided by prominent law professors from top law schools such as Georgetown, NYU, Northwestern, and more.
      • Comprehensive 1L Advantage course book shipped to your home
      • Online Student Center which contains course lectures, lecture notes, case references, and other study materials
      • Instant 24-hour online access
      • An incredible value at $495. Even better, right now PowerScore students save $100!

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