To Take or Not To Take the LSAT

    Until recently, test-takers could withdraw from taking the test no later than approximately 3 weeks before the day of the test. In other words, if you changed your mind after the deadline, you only had two options: either (1) not show up and receive a notation of Absent; or (2) show up and subsequently cancel your score.

    Although the deadline for postponing the test is still the same as it was before, now the LSAC lets you “withdraw” from the test up until the day before the exam. Yes, you will lose your money—but at least you will have no record of ever being absent or cancelled your score. Furthermore, withdrawing from a test does not count towards the requirement of taking the test at most 3 times in any two-year period.

    The new policy makes withdrawing from the test easier and less embarrassing, albeit more costly. Just because the pressure is off, however, does not make your decision any easier. Here is a decision tree you can use the day before the test: