Law Schools with Flexible Application Deadlines

    If you're like some students, you may not decide you want to go to law school until very, very late in the admissions cycle (read: April, May, or even June). While this definitely cuts down on the number of schools you can apply to (most schools have deadlines in February and March), there are definitely some schools that will still accept your application, even as far out as August. Some schools, like the ones listed below, don't even have deadlines, and continue accepting applications until their classes are filled.

    Which schools have flexible application deadlines?The following schools have flexible application deadlines:

    • Atlanta's John Marshall Law School
    • Charlotte School of Law
    • Drexel University (Mack)
    • Florida Coastal School of Law
    • Phoenix University
    • St. Louis University
    • Thomas Jefferson School of Law

    Are your acceptance chances diminished if you apply very late in the cycle?

    Unlikely, since these schools do not have deadlines. However, your chances for large scholarships may be diminished, since (for most schools) the free money starts to be doled out early on, and you're pretty late to the party.

    When can you expect to hear back from these schools?

    Schools with very late deadlines (or no deadlines at all) are pretty good about getting back to your fairly quickly; they know that you have some serious decisions to make, and will do their best to help out. Make sure to call the admissions offices of each to ensure that they'll get back to you in time for you to make your final decisions.

    DISCLAIMER: As always, the best place to confirm these deadlines is on each school's website. Don't forget to double-check to make sure you've got the right dates on hand.

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