Weekend LSAT Course vs. LSAT Tutoring

    How are you spending the last few weeks before the June LSAT?
    Many students, wanting to make the most out of the time they have left, will choose between taking a Weekend LSAT Course or signing up for private LSAT tutoring. How do the two compare? How can you make the best decision? Let’s talk about some of the finer points of each option.

    The Weekend Course is an excellent option for the student looking for a fast-paced, structured, overall review of concepts on the test. The course follows an established syllabus that focuses on the entire exam, and all sections of the exam are thoroughly discussed, with a slight priority given to Logic Games and Logical Reasoning. Within two days of enrolling, students receive access to the Weekend Course Online Student Center. It includes 19 hours of online recorded teaching modules, nine practice tests and test scoring, and many additional supplements. It’s a chance for students to become familiar with crucial concepts before class and to receive assistance while studying after the class is over.

    Private tutoring is ideal for the student who craves flexibility. There is no set curriculum; the student and tutor decide on the best strategy and study plan. Students can use their time to focus on their own weaknesses. For example, if you’re a master at Logic Games, but are challenged by Logical Reasoning, this is a great route to take. Tutoring can also accommodate your busy schedule. Courses have set days and times, but tutoring sessions are planned at times that are mutually convenient for you and your tutor. And, the duration and time of your meetings can vary week to week. Depending on the amount of help you may need and want, PowerScore offers tutoring packages that include course material and access to the Online Student Center.

    If you decide to take a class and still need a few questions answered, all current and previous course students receive a 30% discount on open-ended tutoring hours. It’s always nice to know that you really can have it all!

    Want to check out the options in your area? Give the PowerScore office a call at (800) 545-1750 and any representative can assist you with your decision and help you find the service that will best work for you.