Crunch Time: Law Schools with June Deadlines

    It’s that time of the year:
    Time to put the finishing touches on personal statements. Time to fine-tune your résumé. Time to make sure your transcripts and letters of recommendation are in LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service, ready to go. Application deadlines are just around the corner.

    Which schools have deadlines in June?

    The following schools have deadlines in June:

    • Ave Maria School of Law - 6/1
    • Faulkner University (Jones) - 6/15
    • Liberty University - 6/1
    • Regent University - 6/1
    • Valparaiso University - 6/1
    • Western State University - 6/1

    Are your acceptance chances diminished for applying this late in the cycle?

    Possibly. More likely, though, it's your chances for large scholarships that are diminished, since (for most schools) the free money started to be doled out at some point in November or December, and you're pretty late to the party.

    When can you expect to hear back from these schools?

    Schools with deadlines in June (and later) are pretty good about getting back to your fairly quickly; they know that you have some serious decisions to make, and will do their best to help out. Still, though, don't expect to hear back in a week or two (although that sometimes happens). 4-6 weeks is the usual turnaround time.

    DISCLAIMER: As always, the best place to confirm these deadlines is on each school's website. Don't forget to double-check to make sure you've got the right dates on hand.

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