Crunch Time: Law Schools with February Deadlines

    It’s that time of the year: Time to put the finishing touches on personal statements. Time to fine-tune your résumé. Time to make sure your transcripts and letters of recommendation are in LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service, ready to go. Application deadlines are just around the corner.

    Which schools have deadlines in February?

    The following schools have deadlines in February:

    • Arizona State University (O'Connor) - 2/1
    • Brooklyn Law School - 2/1
    • Columbia University - 2/15
    • Cornell University - 2/1
    • Duke University - 2/15
    • Georgetown University - 2/1
    • Harvard University - 2/1
    • Loyola Marymount University - 2/1
    • Loyola University New Orleans - 2/1
    • New York University - 2/1
    • Northwestern University - 2/15
    • Pepperdine University - 2/1
    • Santa Clara University - 2/1
    • South Texas College of Law - 2/15
    • Southern Methodist University (Dedman) - 2/15
    • Southern University - 2/28
    • Stanford University - 2/1
    • Texas Tech University - 2/1
    • University of Arizona (Rogers) - 2/15
    • University of California, Berkeley - 2/1
    • University of California, Davis - 2/1
    • University of California, Los Angeles - 2/1
    • University of Chicago - 2/1
    • University of Georgia - 2/1
    • University of Houston - 2/15
    • University of Idaho - 2/15
    • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - 2/15
    • University of New Mexico - 2/15
    • University of Pennsylvania - 2/15
    • University of San Diego - 2/1
    • University of San Francisco - 2/1
    • University of Southern California (Gould) - 2/1
    • University of Texas, Austin - 2/1
    • University of Tulsa - 2/1
    • Washington and Lee University - 2/1
    • West Virginia University - 2/2
    • Yale University - 2/15

    Do these schools take the results of the February LSAT?

    Some do, and some don't (or don't recommend it). Here's a sampling of what a few of the schools above had to say:

    Arizona State University (O'Connor) Law: "To be considered for Regular Admission, an applicant must take the LSAT no later than the February administration and submit a completed application for admission postmarked or electronically submitted no later than Feb. 1. Any application postmarked or electronically submitted after Feb. 1, or remaining incomplete as of March 1, is untimely and may be at a disadvantage in the review process."

    Duke Law: "The December test is acceptable, but should be your last choice. Your application would not be complete until the score is available in late December - this isn't exactly a late application, but it's not early. In addition, if you are sick or miss the test for other reasons, you would have to take the LSAT in February, which does put you at a significant disadvantage....The scores are not available until after our application deadline. Although we can consider such late applications, they are at a significant disadvantage."

    Harvard Law: "Results of the February LSAT normally will not be considered in the current application cycle (e.g., results of the February 2010 LSAT will normally not be considered for applicants to the class entering in 2010)."

    UC Berkeley Law: "The last test administration we will accept is the December exam of the year before you intend to begin your J.D....People sometimes think that because our application deadline is in February we accept February LSAT scores. We do - but not for that fall's class!"

    Michigan Law: "Applicants who take the LSAT in February of the year in which they’re applying (and do not already have other score reports) will likely be at a disadvantage because their score reports will not be available until early March, which is very late in the admissions season."

    Yale Law: "The February LSAT is the last test we will consider for admission for the fall. Taking the February LSAT will not hurt your chances of admission."

    DISCLAIMER: As always, the best place to confirm these deadlines is on each school's website. Don't forget to double-check to make sure you've got the right dates on hand.


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