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Do you think Reading Comprehension is a total drag? Find a study buddy!

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The LSAT can be a daunting experience for anyone starting out their preparation. And one particular area that a number of students will struggle with is the Reading Comprehension section. After all, most people taking this test are collegiate-level students who are initially confident in their abilities as readers. As such, they should be regular perusers of periodicals such as The Economist, Scientific American, The New Yorker and National Geographic. During their LSAT preparations, they should continue of course to read for pleasure (with a more critical eye) as we have advised here before. But between pleasure reading and practicing with actual LSAT passages, some students will often stall in their preparation for this section. Alone, they are simply unable to overcome many of the pitfalls that await them in Reading Comprehension because of the attitude that they have developed towards it.

To them, I have one thing to say: “Go make a friend!” 

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