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Goal-Setting for LSAT Success

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This summer will mark the tenth anniversary of one of the greatest achievements in the history of sport, the mind-blowing 8-gold medal performance of swimmer Michael Phelps at the Beijing Summer Olympics. The upcoming anniversary got me thinking about what an LSAT student might learn from Phelps’s incredible achievements. One critical discipline that gets a little less attention from LSAT students, but that serious swimmers think about regularly (trust me, I remember this yearly exercise from my competitive swimming days), is goal-setting. Don’t get me wrong. I think most LSAT students have some notion about the score they’d like to attain in an ideal world, and some (maybe slightly vaguer) notion about how that score connects to their larger career goals. But I don’t think many LSAT students do what a disciplined swimmer like Phelps did when he prepared to conquer swimming’s Mount Everest.  That is, they don’t set detailed goals, both long-term and short-term, that will motivate their study efforts and keep them on the path to ultimate success. Let’s see what we can learn from Michael Phelps’s goal-setting that applies to the LSAT preparation process. 

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