Announcing PowerScore's New LSAT On Demand Course

    LSAT Prep

    Accessible anywhere on earth at any time of the day on any device.We are very pleased to announce the PowerScore LSAT On Demand Course, which is available for enrollment now.  The course features over 80 hours of lecture time, access to thousands of real LSAT questions, and amazing support that covers every LSAT question. And the best news is that you can access this course from anywhere in the world, at any time of day, on any device. Nothing can stop your LSAT preparation now!

    Let's learn more about this amazing preparation option.

    Your Instructors: The class lectures are lead by Eric Ockert, one of our most experienced and highly-rated LSAT teachers. Eric scored a 178 on an actual, LSAC-administered LSAT, and he can show how to dominate this test. And, equally importantly, Eric's students love him. They use words like "remarkable," "amazing," and "wildly impressive." One student described the experience in glowing terms that are the norm for Eric's classes:

    "Eric did a fantastic job at explaining everything thoroughly. He was so inspiring to listen to, as well as articulate and engaging. He was enthusiastic and explained difficult concepts precisely and accurately.  He was very friendly and he was confident in his knowledge of the tricks behind the LSAT, which is much appreciated.  He has made studying for the LSAT much more interesting and fun!  I would recommend this course to anybody looking to do really well on the LSAT. I couldn't have done it without PowerScore! It was well worth it."

    He's the type of instructor that positively impacts you for a lifetime, and we're incredibly proud that he is  leading our On Demand course sessions.

    Guiding the other 45+ hours of instruction are two more world-class teachers, Dave Killoran and Jon Denning. Dave is the author of the famous PowerScore LSAT Bibles, and one of the best known LSAT teachers in the country. Jon is the Vice President of PowerScore, one of our head course developers, and he is responsible for overseeing the training of all of PowerScore's LSAT teachers. You can't find two more qualified instructors to help you prepare for this test.

    Your Materials: The On Demand Course uses the four specially-designed books from our Full-length and Live Online classes. These books include all of the lessons and homeworks you need to master this difficult exam, and they contain extensive drills, numerous discussions of crucial LSAT concepts, and tons of real LSAT questions.

    Of course, your books are just the starting point. You also receive access to our Online Student Center, which is your home base for accessing your On Demand course lessons, plus practice tests, explanations, and test scoring. Everything you need, accessible in one convenient location!

    Your Assistance: Even with all of the resources in the course and the Online Student Center, there may be times when you have specific questions or just want to talk to an LSAT instructor about how things are going. Enter our LSAT Hotline and LSAT Discussion Forum, the two most comprehensive LSAT support services in the business. If you want to talk directly with a teacher, simply give a call to our Hotline, a 1-800 number open every evening from Monday through Friday. You can chat with one of our experienced LSAT teachers with a top 1% score about anything from specific LSAT questions to general LSAT concepts to how to best use your time studying. If you need help, we're there in person to give you the support you need.

    You can also receive advice from multiple instructors and chat with other students in our LSAT Discussion Forum. Plus, your teachers Eric, Jon, and Dave regularly weigh in on difficult concepts and questions, making this a vibrant community that helps optimize your preparation with the advice of elite instructors.

    Your Access: The key to maximizing your time is having full access at all hours from any location, and that's exactly what the On Demand course delivers. No matter where you are or what device or computer you are using, you can prepare for the LSAT at any time. Feel like binging on eight straight hours of LSAT prep videos? Check. Or perhaps you want to watch one lesson every day for a few weeks? Check again. No matter how you want to prepare, you can do it with this convenient format.

    Your Decision: This course creates the most convenient and time-efficient way to prepare for the LSAT. Will you join us today and start on the path to conquering the exam? We'd love to see you in the class! In the meantime, if you have any questions about the course, please let us know in the comments below.