6 Week LSAT Study Plan

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    1.5 Month LSAT Study PlanDid you realize that there are less than six weeks left until the June LSAT? If you're planning to take this test, you should definitely start thinking about a study plan if you haven't done so already. Six weeks is a bit on the shorter side as far as study plans go, but it’s doable provided you can devote at least 15-20 hours/week towards LSAT prep. 

    Be realistic – if you are a full-time student or work full time, chances are you cannot spend every waking hour doing Logic Games or Logical Reasoning questions. Nor should you have to; although the number of hours you spend training is surely important, what matters even more is how you train.

    Find out what you should be doing from now until test day, assuming that (1) you aren’t taking a prep course; and (2) you have no prior exposure to the test.

    Check it out here:  1.5 Month LSAT Study Plan