The Return of the GRE Webinar Series

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If you're thinking about graduate school, business school, or even law school, you probably know that crunch time for assembling and submitting applications is right around the corner. With summer coming up, now is an excellent time to lay the foundation for success on entrance exams and with the rest of your application. 

This spring, PowerScore was pleased to introduce a newly updated GRE Webinar series, which included two brand new seminars. In total, the series covered much of what students need to know to prepare effectively for the GRE as well as core Quant and Verbal content that requires additional preparation outside a standard GRE course curriculum. 

For a recap of what we covered, we encourage you to read more here: GRE Seminars Summary and Recap

PowerScore is pleased to announce the continuation of the Free GRE Webinar series, restarting this Wednesday with the GRE 101 Seminar. Sign up today to attend; in addition to learning crucial information about the GRE, all those who attend will receive a discount offer for a PowerScore GRE course

Read below for the complete schedule of upcoming seminars along with a brief description of each.

GRE 101

May 24th, 2017; 8:00 - 9:30pm Eastern Time

Learn what to expect and jump start your preparation with this comprehensive overview of the GRE. 

GRE 101 will cover some background on the GRE, the structure and mechanics of the test, and an overview of how the GRE is used in graduate (and business school) admissions. In addition, we will instruct you on test-preparation strategies and approaches. We'll conclude with a discussion of how to budget your time most effectively so that you can walk into the test center confident that you have done what is necessary to get a great score.

Sign up here: Free Webinar - GRE 101

GRE Math Essentials

June 14th, 2017; 8:00 - 9:30pm Eastern Time

Kickstart your GRE preparation with a primer on the math fundamentals you must master to succeed on GRE Quantitative Reasoning.

Sometimes the first time students open up a GRE preparation book or enter their first test prep class, they can find many of the math concepts covered daunting. While almost all math on GRE Quant involves topics familiar to most high school students, the fact is that many have not thought about any of these topics since high school! The GRE Math Essentials seminar aims to give you a leg up on GRE Quant preparation, so that instead of spending all your time relearning old math, you can get right into more sophisticated test-taking and problem-solving strategies.

Sign up here: Free Webinar - GRE Math Essentials

GRE Power Vocab

July 5th, 2017; 8:00 - 9:30pm Eastern Time

The best time to start building an outstanding vocabulary is right now. Learn the importance of vocabulary on the GRE, how to apply your knowledge effectively, and how to build the working vocabulary necessary to achieve a top score on GRE Verbal Reasoning.

Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, constructing a strong lexicon takes time and effort. In this seminar we will cover how and where vocabulary is useful for GRE Verbal, what kind of vocabulary you need to know, how to strengthen your command of words' connotations and denotations, and what resources are available to you to help you accomplish this goal.

Sign up here: Free Webinar - GRE Power Vocab

GRE Elements of Argumentation

July 26th, 2017; 8:00 - 9:30pm Eastern Time

Reading Comprehension on the GRE covers more than just long passages. The majority of Reading Comprehension questions are based on Short Passages, and success on many of these questions requires an understanding of the basic structure and mechanics of argumentation.

The GRE of the last ten years has revived a question format that had been absent for over a decade: critical/logical reasoning questions. However, instead of a forthright presentation of these questions as on the GMAT and LSAT, the GRE has a more clandestine approach: testing these skills on Short Passage Reading Comprehension questions. PowerScore is unparalleled in its methodology for teaching this subject, and this seminar will help you grasp logical reasoning fundamentals so that you can not only ace the Short Passage questions but also write a top scoring Analytical Writing Argument Task essay.

Sign up here: Free Webinar - GRE Elements of Argumentation

Start Your Preparation with Confidence

Each of these seminars not only supplements any GRE preparation work you may already be doing but also offers an opportunity to interact with a PowerScore instructor and experience first-hand the Live Online course format. 

We hope you will join us! In addition to the Webinar series, PowerScore also offers a range of GRE preparation resources, including our GRE Forums, our GRE and Grad School Admissions Blog, and many outstanding GRE prep options. If you have questions or wish to find out more, please comment below, visit us on Twitter and Facebook, or call us at 800-545-1750.