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From time to time, we like to feature questions and answers on our GRE forum because many of these discussions can be helpful to other students as well. This post concerns a student's Analytical Writing Issue Task essay that he submitted to our forum. We read his essay, graded it according to the ETS rubric, and offered suggestions for improvement.

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Whether you are preparing for the GRE with PowerScore or not, we are eager to help you with all your GRE and grad school admissions questions. On our GRE Forum, you can register and post any question that pertains to official ETS material, such as the GRE PowerPrep practice tests or The Official Guide to the GRE, or to any PowerScore material, such as our Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning Bibles or coursework. 

One service we provide that many students find particularly valuable is the feedback we provide for your Analytical Writing Measure essays. Even if you take an official PowerPrep practice test, ETS does not offer a score for your work on the AWM. Even with its paid essay grading service, there is no human, expert feedback available to help you improve. That's where PowerScore comes in. 

  1. Start by registering for our forums here: GRE Discussion Forum Register
  2. Start a topic under the appropriate heading in our Analytical Writing subforum
  3. Copy and paste your essay along with the topic you respoded to. The complete pool of official Issue Topics and Argument Topics may be found here and here

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Sample Student Essay and Response

Check out our response below to a student's essay. 



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