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Wait, this is supposed to be easy, right?!

Ding Dong Percent CC0 via wikimedia commons, editedFrom time to time, we like to feature questions and answers on our GRE forum because many of these discussions can be helpful to other students as well. This post is a response to an open-ended student question about percent change. Percent change, while by no means the hardest math topic covered on the GRE, sometimes presents unexpected challenges and, most distressing, multiple opportunities to make small mistakes that result in incorrect answers.

In this featured post, we discuss the fundamentals of percent change, how to understand the topic conceptually, and then how to apply what we've learned successfully to get Quant problems right. 

Read below for a quick preview of this discussion on the GRE forum. For the full post, please follow the link to the GRE forum post here.

 percent change.png

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