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Powerprep Answers and Explanations at the PowerScore GRE Forum

Taking practice tests is a must when preparing for the GRE. Conveniently, ETS, maker of the exam, offers three free practice tests with answer keys. Unfortunately, none of them comes with explanations. We’ve stepped in to pick up some of the slack. The new PowerScore GRE Forum has explanations for every Quantitative (and every Verbal) question on every version of the two practice tests in Powerprep II, the official GRE practice software!

Powerprep II gives you the most realistic exam experience available. The questions come straight from ETS, and the exam interface matches what you’ll see on the actual test. Also, just like the computer-delivered GRE, the mock exams in Powerprep adapt to your performance. Here’s how the adaptive format works. For each section, Quantitative and Verbal, your score is based on two sets of questions. The first set gauges your level of ability. The exam then adapts to you by adjusting the level of difficulty up or down for the second set. For instance, say you rock the first set of Verbal questions. The second set will then be harder.

In each of the two Powerprep tests, the second set of Quant questions comes in three different versions. The version you get depends on how you do on the first set, which has only one version per test. We’ve put together answer keys and solution guides for all of the Powerprep Quant questions, organized by test, question set, and set version.

Check out the POWERPREP Tests 1 and 2 Answers and Explanations available in the new PowerScore GRE Forum!

By the way, the third free practice test ETS provides is the Practice Book for the Paper-based GRE. For analysis of some Reading Comp. questions from the Practice Book, along with related tips for Analytical Writing, check out this post on how Reading Comp can prepare you for the Argument task.