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Tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern, we continue our free GRE Webinar series with a discussion of the importance of vocabulary on the GRE and how to master both the content and approach necessary to ace GRE Verbal. 

Just as some students view math on GRE Quant as an insurmountable edifice of facts and formulas, many students have a similar binary approach to studying vocabulary. "What good is it to spin my wheels studying arbitrary lists of arcane words? Who knows what's going to turn up on my GRE? Aren't there any shortcuts?"

As we'll discuss this evening, there's some good news and bad news. Bad news first: Yes, studying vocabulary is essential, and word lists and flashcards are likely an integral part of this process. 

Now the good news: Vocabulary knowledge is not black and white. Proficiency with vocabulary can best be thought of as a spectrum, and far from dry memorization of words and their definitions, as you master vocab fundamentals, your knowledge will snowball and build upon itself until you find that you will likely know the definitions of many words you've never even seen before. 

Follow the jump for an outline of our discussion tonight.

Word Up

Our discussion this evening will be organized as follows: 

Part 1: Verbal Reasoning Question Type Overview

In the first part of our discussion, we'll cover the basic structure of the Verbal Reasoning Measure and where and how vocabulary is significant.

Part 2: Problem Solving Skills and Vocabulary

Next, we will discuss how to succeed even when you encounter situations with unfamiliar vocabulary. Even on the hardest Verbal Problems, you can still find the credited response or improve your odds of guessing correctly.

Part 3: Overview of Vocabulary on the GRE

What kind of vocabulary appears on the GRE? Which kinds of words must you study? Which words work and which words don't work on GRE problems? 

Part 4: How to Study Vocabulary

Learning styles vary, but we'll discuss many tried-and-true approaches, some of which are certain to work for you.

Part 5: Vocabulary Exercises and Conclusion

Studying vocabulary need not be dull or tedious. We'll recap our discussion and synthesize many of the studying techniques into games and exercises you can use to kick your preparation into high gear.

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We strongly encourage you to attend our free Power Vocab Webinar tonight. Registration is free, and all who attend will receive a recording of the webinar and a code valid for a discount off one of our GRE courses. In addition to attending the webinar, please take advantage of many of the other free GRE resources we offer:

The best advice for success with vocabulary on GRE Verbal is to study smart and start now. We hope you can join us tonight!