How to easily keep track of your grad school applications

Grad School Admissions

My Grad School Apps Tracker (Pictured: Stack of paper-stuffed manil folders)

When you're applying to grad school, one school just isn't enough. Somewhere between five and ten is a more sensible number to apply to. It's also a more difficult number to keep track of. Grad school applications tend to have several parts, and different grad schools can have different requirements.  But there's an easy way to stay on top of it all.

Use a spreadsheet! Spreadsheets aren't just for accountants. They're also for grad school applicants who want to track the progress of all their applications in  a single, highly organized, easily updated document.

Now, you're probably thinking that using a spreadsheet means making a spreadsheet—a task that few people relish. If setting up sheets and formatting cells isn't your thing, don't worry. We've created a free, ready-to-use spreadsheet for you. It's called My Grad School Apps Tracker. Click below to learn more!

Free My Grad School Apps Tracker

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