Graduate Program Spotlight: MIT - Ph.D. Program in Economics

The PowerScore Graduate Program Spotlight gives you a snapshot of a different graduate program each week. For more information about each profiled institution, be sure to check out the school's website.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD program in Economics  is today's Grad Program Spotlight. From the school's website:

The Department's highly regarded doctoral program enrolls about twenty-four students each year. The program was ranked as the best economics Ph.D. program in the United States in the most recent National Research Council study, and was also ranked as tied for first place by U.S. News and World Report. Doctoral students take required courses in microeconomic theory, macroeconomics, and econometrics. Students are also expected to complete four fields in economics (two major and two minor) and to pass general examinations in their major fields. The field options include public finance, industrial organization, international economics, monetary economics, labor economics, economic development, econometrics, financial economics, organizational economics, political economy, and advanced theory.

Graduate study at MIT consists of more than satisfying course requirements. Every major field has a weekly research workshop as well as a weekly faculty-student lunch. Faculty and students discuss research ideas at the informal lunches, while the workshops provide a more formal setting for discussion. Fall workshop schedules typically include many students introducing the research papers that they plan to present on the job market. Graduates of the Ph.D. program teach in leading economics departments, business schools, and schools of public policy. They work on congressional staffs and government advisory councils, and with organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the National Economic Council, the Council of Economic Advisers, the Federal Reserve, and the Treasury Department. They are also found among the most influential positions in the market economy, ranging from corporate executives to hedge fund managers to economic consultants.

Type of school: Private

Setting: Urban

Size: Approximately 24 students matriculate each year

Degrees offered: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Tuition and fees: $20,230 per semester, as per the school registrar. Some additional fees may apply.

Cost of living (single student): Not specified
Address: 50 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142
Phone: 617.253.8787
Twitter accounts: @MITEcon
Facebook: MIT Department of Economics

All information was gathered from the school's website and the school's U.S. News & World Report profile. Please consult the school's website and Office of Admissions with questions regarding this information. 

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