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describe the imageWondering what exactly the GRE covers, who accepts it, how much it costs, and where you can take it? We've got your answers right here.

What is the GRE? 

Short for the Graduate Record Examination, the GRE is a standardized test required for admission to graduate and business schools around the world. While not necessarily required by every school, the GRE is the most broadly accepted exam for graduate schools. The GRE is given in both computer-based and paper-based formats. Computer-based tests can be taken at testing centers around the world. Students are able to take the test during most weekdays and have the ability to select both the date and time to test.

What’s tested on the GRE? 

The GRE is designed to test your knowledge of skills required for success in graduate or business schools. The six-section test takes approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete and measures analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills. A detailed discussion of the test can be viewed here.

Who administers the test? The GRE is administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS), a private nonprofit testing and assessment organization. In addition to the GRE, ETS also administers several other standardized and assessment tests including the TOEFL and PRAXIS. ETS is also affiliated with The College Board, the administrators of the SAT.

Which schools accept the GRE for admissions? 

A complete list of graduate and business schools that accept the GRE can be viewed here. The list of MBA programs that accept the GRE for admission can be viewed here. Be sure to contact your schools of interest for more about their specific requirements.

How do I register to take the GRE?

 Registration is handled through ETS and can be completed online or by calling 1-800-473-225.

How much does it cost to take the GRE? 

If testing within the U.S., territories, or Puerto Rico, the General Test registration fee is $160. If testing elsewhere, the fee is $190. Additional fees can apply for canceling or changing the date. A complete list of fees can be viewed here.

When and where is the GRE administered?

Since the GRE is computer-based, students are able to schedule the GRE year-round at any of the testing centers located worldwide. To find a testing center in your area and to view the testing dates and times available, please click here or call ETS at 1-866-473-4373.

How often can I take the GRE? 

Regardless of whether you keep or cancel your score, you can take the GRE only (5) total times within a 12-month timeframe, and you must also wait at least 60 days in between testing dates.

Who can see my GRE score? 

You control who is able to see your score. Included in your registration fee is the option to automatically send your score report to up to (4) schools. Additional score reports can be requested for $23 per recipient.

How long is my score valid for? 

Scores are valid for 5 years.

Can I cancel my GRE score? 

You do have the option of canceling your score immediately following the test and prior to viewing your results. However, you do not have the option of canceling your score after that point. Should you change your mind about canceling your score, ETS still gives you the option to validate your canceled score within 60 days of testing. More information about policies and fees can be found here.

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