October 2011 LSAT Scoring Scale

What makes a 170? A 165? A 150?
After every score release, LSAT junkies spend some time analyzing the scoring scale and comparing it to years past, figuring out how it compares to prior administrations. Here is the October 2011 LSAT scoring scale.

For more information on past scoring scales, see our list of historic LSAT scales for a look at the scales from LSATs over the past several years (we'll get October 2011 added on there shortly).

The test had 101 scored questions, and here's what it looks like in 5-point increments:

180: -2
175: -7
170: -13
165: -20
160: -28
155: -37
150: -45
145: -53
140: -61

Want to learn more? See our explanation of scoring scales for more info.

How did you feel the test compared to others (if you've taken other administrations)?